Welcome to
IP Pensacola Mill’s
Visitor / Vendor / Consultant, Trucker, Contractor Supervisor,
and Contractor Employee Safety Environmental Orientation Program.

  We take safety and environmental compliance very seriously at our IP Pensacola Mill. The safety of our employees and contractors is of paramount importance to us.
  You as an employee of a Contractor/Consulting/Trucking company, or as an independent Contractor, are required to be properly trained, by your own employer, in both safety and environmental matters. In order for you to come to the Pensacola job site, you will need to receive a Safety and Environmental Orientation. During this Orientation process, we will assess your level of understanding and retention of what will be presented to you. You are required to access and qualify on this Web based Safety and Environmental Program on your own time through the Internet.
  You will then need to achieve a perfect score of 100% on each and every evaluation test. Once you have done this, your computer will print a personalized Certificate of Completion. Bring this Certificate with you, and present it to the Security Guard when you first arrive at our Pensacola Mill. Based on this document, you will be issued a DECAL good for one year allowing you access through the security gate onto the mill site.

If you have problems using this program, please contact Abbottsfield at (800) 541-6698
or e-mail us at support@abbottsfield.com.
Toll-free Telephone Support is available 24/7/365.